2022/2023 range

The range of Music First Audio Pre Amplifiers are based on the Jonathan Billington BSc.(Hons) designed attenuation transformers.

The Baby Classic and Classic V2 Pre Amplifiers use the legendary TX102 device. The Baby Reference V2 Pre Amplifier uses a new 2015 designed RX63 attenuation transformer. And now available the 2020 designed 60 position Reference V2 Pre Amplifier.

 Listed below are some details of the products in the 2022/2023 Pre Amplifier range

4 models of pre amplifier are available

  • Baby Classic Pre-Amplifier. £1695
  • Classic V2 Pre-Amplifier. £2700
  • Baby Reference V2 Pre-Amplifier. £5675
  • Reference V2 Pre-Amplifier. £6600
  • All prices GBP plus VAT if applicable.

Baby Classic Pre Amplifier

The Baby Classic pre amplifier is based on the award winning Classic pre amplifier.


Classic V2 Pre Amplifier.

The Classic V2 pre amplifier uses a 25% bigger core than the Baby Classic pre amps.


Baby Reference V2 Pre Amplifier

The Baby Reference V2 Pre Amplifier is an award winning top of the range Pre Amplifier.


Reference V2 box

Reference V2 Pre Amplifier

The new Reference V2 preamplifier. Five years in development and full of features.