Quality Production

Music First Audio has a long history in the production of fine moving coil step up transformers or SUT. These MC cartridge phono amp matching units are used in vinyl systems around the world by many happy customers. Please look below and make your choice. 

2022/2023 range

4 MC step up units are available in this range.

  • MC Step up transformer MC 632 Step-Up. £600 
  • Baby Classic MC step up transformer. £1695 
  • Classic V2 MC step up transformer. £2700
  • Reference SUT £3900
  • All prices GBP plus VAT if applicable.

MC Step up transformer

The  MC Step-Up transformer 632 is wound to a step up ratio of the customer’s choice.


Baby Classic Step Up Transformer

The Music First Audio Baby Classic Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer (SUT) uses the legendary Stevens.


Classic V2 MC Step Up Transformer

The MC Step-Up V2 is the ultimate moving coil step up transformer. New step up transformer RX103.


Reference Step Up Transformer

The new Music First Audio Reference Step Up Transformer featuring new design techniques.