“Every note as it was meant to be heard”

Moving coil step transformers and pre amplifiers – par excellence!

Music First Audio has a long history in the production of fine moving coil step up transformers or SUT.

Our Heritage

Music First Audio is owned completely by Mr Jonathan Billington of Stevens & Billington Limited (www.stevens-billington.co.uk) a small, specialist audio transformer winding business formed in 1963 by Mr Stevens & Mr Billington.

The company produced transformers and other wire wound components for the professional audio, broadcast and HiFi industries. Read more…

The Product Range

News & Reviews


New colour range launched

Units are being shipped around the world in 2021. However due to the pandemic no shows are planned for 2021…


MFA New Trial ‘experience’ date set

Information will be posted here shortly…



Music First audio are proud to be recognised for our award winning products:

AV Showrooms

Gold Show Award “Best Sound” 2014


Hi Fi 20th Anniversary
Top 100 News

Editors Choice 2004
Preamplifier of the Year 2005
Preamplifier of the year 2006



Is the Music First Audio pre amplifier passive?

Although it’s passive (in that our pre amplifier needs no power supply), it uses a very different approach to conventional passive pre amps…


Does it convert balanced and unbalanced signals?

Yes, because our pre amplifiers are transformer based they convert signals from unbalanced to balanced and visa…


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