Moving Coil Step-Up

Choose your step up ratio. 1:5,1:10 or 1:20. Standard off the shelf units are 1:10 step up. Other ratios are available on request. 6 position loading switch available on the front panel.

3 position ground lift switch. Grounding post. Available with optional XLR inputs and outputs.

Available in silver or black case work.

The Music First Audio Baby Classic Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer ( SUT ) uses the legendary Stevens & Billington Limited TX103 MC Step-Up transformer.

  • Selectable cartridge loading. Via 6 position switch on the front panel.
  • 3 way grounding switch allows any grounding issues to be addressed easily.
  • Transformer isolates components, breaking ground loop problems and reducing noise.
  • Transformer offers gain without adding noise or colouration.
  • Available in black or silver casework.