Baby Classic pre amplifier

The Baby Classic pre amplifier is based on the award winning and much loved Classic pre amplifier. The Baby Classic pre amp is a 2 input 2 output device with the usual Music First Audio options of either RCA or balanced inputs and outputs. A 24 position volume switch and 3 position ground lift switch.

  • Choose any combination of RCA or XLR inputs and outputs.
  • Baby Classic Pre Amplifiers are not sent out until completing 24 hours of burn in.
  • Email for immediate shipping options

“and the sound quality winner is Music First Audio”

Hifi-critic Vol 10/No 2 April-June 2016 receiving the hifi-critic Audio Excellence Award


The Baby Classic scored highest sound quality marks in a HiFi Critic Pre Amp shoot out

“and the  sound quality winner is  Music First Audio” :  hifi-critic Vol 10 /No 2 April-June 2016.

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