"I've not heard a better preamp, and I've been looking for more than 30 years" 
Sam Tellig - Stereophile, October 2012

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Multi-award winning!

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Stereophile recommended! 

Passive transformer based pre amplifiers, MC step-up transformers and now active transistor and valve phono amplifiers.


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Now available Classic and Reference MM Phono Amplifiers.

Click here for a document on the advantages of a transformer based step up unit. New SUT document.

Music First Audio Dual Mono MM Phono Amplifier

Classic Phono Amp 632

Technical description:

Two identical boards each with it's own power supply and amplification circuitry making the amplifier a true 'Dual Mono' unit.

An external power supply provides a +/- 18V AC voltage. There is a bridge rectifier comprising 4 discrete ultra fast soft recovery diodes, a bank of audiophile quality Elna Silmic electrolytic capacitors and two high performance low noise voltage regulator circuits.

The main amplifier circuits comprise two active gain stages with passive RIAA equalisation. Each amplifier stage is biased into 'class A' with the use of constant current diodes. Mundorf 'M-Cap Supreme' capacitors and low noise metal film resistors are used as the main elements in the RIAA stage. High quality Polyproylene decoupling capacitors are use throughout.

The output transformers are each driven by a THAT1646 balanced line driver. Radio frequency noise is minimised by a filter between the THAT chips and the transformers.

Music First Audio products are made by hand in our workshop in Hastings, East Sussex. Our products are enjoyed by satisfied customers around the world and have received an extraordinary degree of critical acclaim and many international awards. We use only the finest materials and components. Our rigorous testing, quality control and attention to detail ensure that Music First Audio products will give a lifetime's musical pleasure.

We offer a bespoke service and we are happy to modify any of our standard products to perfectly suit your needs. Our goal today remains the same as it was on our very first day: Put Music First.
Please look around our website. If you need any further information or have any questions comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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